The Afghan Energy Project
The Afghan Energy Project shares scientific information. We review new ideas to make a difference. We regularly meet in Washington DC.

The current master plan for the Afghan Energy Sector was harshly criticized by the Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction [SIGAR] in a 31 page audit January 2010 which you can read here  The audit states that the US Embassy and the USAID Mission Director in Kabul both signed letters in agreement with the audit. The plan is now being redrafted. 

President Obama, the US Secretary of Agriculture and members of the House and Senate have supported biofuels and other alternative energy sources in the US, but the Afghan master plan for the energy sector does not at present mention this subject. News reports on our website describe these and other issues of how energy policy relates to agricultural development and counter narcotics. However, difficult technical and scientific issues have been major obstacles to senior policymakers understanding these issues. 

The Afghan Energy Project's Technical Advisory Panel was created to review these difficult scientific issues for senior policymakers in the US, in the UN, and in the government of Afghanistan.